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Testimonials to TIP Futako-Tamagawa

"I have trained the TIP Futako-Tamagawa team in both Family Based Treatment (FBT) and Adolescent & Parent Treatment (APT), and also supervised them for the past four and half years in the treatment of eating disorders therefore can genuinely endorse their high level of expertise in the field.
Through my interactions with the team I am always impressed by their depth of knowledge, their caring and empathetic manner, and their commitment to ensuring families receive an holistic and
compassion treatment despite the intensity of eating disorder behaviours experienced by their suffering patients.
I am confident that the clinicians at Tokyo International Psychotherapy will provide an excellent service to all their patients, and that this highly experienced team will contribute to the future development of eating disorders services and treatments in Japan."
Maria Ganci

Accredited Clinical Mental Health Social Work

Masters of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Director of FBT Central (

Co-Director of APT Therapeutic Solutions (

Faculty Member of Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders (www.train2treat4ed)

Author of "Survive FBT"

IMG_3225 (1).jpg

Kaori Ogiwara, MA

Certified Clinical Psychologist (Japan)

Certified Public Psychologist (Japan)

Areas of specialty: 
Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults with eating disorders and related body-image issues, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship issues, adjustment difficulties at school & workplace, issues related to identity, career, and other life choices.

Therapeutic approach: 
Trained in various evidence-based eating disorders treatment models (including CBT-E, FBT, APT, and MANTRA); Takes an integrative approach (mainly CBT and psychodynamic therapy) for other presenting issues.

Keiko Taguchi 田口圭子

Keiko Taguchi, MS

Certified Clinical Psychologist (Japan)

Certified Public Psychologist (Japan)

Areas of specialty: 
Psychotherapy for children (12+) and adults with family relationship issues, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, issues related to developmental disorders, adjustment difficulties at school & workplace, eating disorders and related body-image issues.


Therapeutic approach: 
Trained in CBT-based treatment models (including Behavior Activation and ERP), Family Therapy, and evidence-based eating disorders treatment models (including CBT-E, APT, and MANTRA) ; Takes an integrative approach to fit the need of each client and family.

Chie Sawa 澤智恵

Chie Sawa, Ed.S., LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MA, USA)
Certified Clinical Psychologist (Japan)

Certified Public Psychologist (Japan)

Areas of specialty: 

Psychotherapy for adults (18+) with anxiety, self-esteem, life choices, cultural adjustment, and relationship challenges.


Therapeutic approach: 

Takes an integrative approach including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

Therapist Profiles
Our Team

Therapists at TIP Futako-Tamagawa are fully bilingual and have undergone extensive training abroad and abide by international standards of care.

All of us are certified public psychologists in Japan, as well as clinical psychologists certified by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists. 

TIP Futako-Tamagawa is a counseling service provider for several major EAP providers in Japan, and is affiliated with Tokyo International Psychotherapy (Shibuya).  

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