Our Services

At TIP Futako-Tamagawa, we employ evidence-based, established methods of psychotherapy to provide our clients with a safe space to connect within, express deep feelings, and learn new skills for effectively dealing with life challenges.

We are connected to a wide network of English- speaking, multi-disciplinary professionals including occupational / speech therapists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists and other mental health professionals of various areas of specialty. 

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Offering psychotherapy for a wide variety of issues including:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Lack of concentration and motivation

  • Panic attacks

  • Disordered eating/eating disorders, body image concerns

  • Difficulty communicating with others

  • ​Relationship issues

  • Parenting, family, and marital problems*

  • Adjustment difficulties at school/workplace


  • Selective mutism

  • Uncertainties about one’s identity and life choices

  • Low self-esteem

  • Grief and loss

*please note that we currently do not offer couples counseling

Children & Adolescence Services

Our therapists will help kids and adolescents to grow and strengthen their skills in...

Eating Disorders Services

At TIP Futako-Tamagawa our trained therapists provide evidence-based treatment...

Our therapy modalities include:
  • Individual psychotherapy

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Play therapy

  • Distance therapy through video-conferencing

Tokyo International Psychotherapy Futako-Tamagawa

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Tokyo 158-0094

Phone/Fax 050-1417-9129

Therapists' Office Hours

Kaori Ogiwara

Keiko Taguchi

Chie Sawa

Tue & Thu / 9am – 4pm

Sat / 9am – 6pm

Mon, Tue & Fri / 10am – 8pm

Mon, Fri & Sat / 9am – 5pm

Wed / 9am - 6pm

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