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Steps for starting therapy at TIP Futako-Tamagawa:

All sessions are by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, fill out the following form or call and leave a message at 050-1417-9129 and we will get back to you within 3 office days.

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Request an appointment

Please fill out the form on this page or call and leave a message at 050-1417-9129.

Please note that we currently do not offer couples counseling.


You will receive a reply from TIP Futako-Tamagawa

We will return your message within 3 office days. Your therapist will be determined based on the best match with your schedule and needs.


Setting up the first session (intake assessment)

Your therapist will contact you directly to set up the first session. The first and successive sessions are 50 min. duration. If the service is for your child, then the first session will be 75 min. long with caretaker(s) only.


Commencing therapy

The first session will involve an intake assessment where the therapist will evaluate your presenting concerns and make recommendations for the best course of treatment (e.g., frequency, therapeutic approach). Please note that an intake assessment may take up to 2-3 sessions.

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