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Frequently Asked


Q1. How soon can I start therapy? May I walk in?

Please contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you by email within 5 office days. All sessions are by appointment only hence we do not accept walk-ins.

Q2. Do you offer services by telehealth?

Therapy sessions are delivered either face-to-face at our Futako-Tamagawa office or via telehealth depending on your preference and location. Therapy using e-mail or telephone are not available.

Q3. Can I use my Japanese national health insurance?

Our service fees are not covered by Japanese National Health Insurance. For those covered by International private insurance plans that cover therapy fees, your therapist will give you a superbill to submit claims (we do not directly bill or contact your insurance company). Please contact your insurance company about your benefits before making an appointment. 

Q4. Do you offer psychological testing and assessments?

We do not offer these services. Please contact other providers.

Q5. Do you offer marriage/couple’s therapy?

Marriage/couple’s therapy is not available at TIP Futako-Tamagawa. However, we are able to provide consultation for parents on child-related concerns. Therapists at TIP Shibuya offer marriage/couple’s therapy, so please contact them directly to book an appointment.

Q6. Can I receive a diagnosis and/or medication for my mental condition? Can you write a medical certificate ("shindansho")?

No, if you are seeking a diagnosis or medication you will need to see a medical professional (psychiatrist, psychosomatic internist, pediatrician, etc.) Please contact those professionals for a medical certificate.

Q7. Is it possible to see a TIP Futako-Tamagawa therapist at the Shibuya office?

TIP Futako-Tamagawa therapists only work at the Futako-Tamagawa office. If you prefer the Shibuya location, please contact TIP Shibuya to request an appointment.

Q8. My financial situation is limited. Can I still get help?

You may modify the frequency of your sessions or tailor your goals to time- and priority-focused. Please discuss with your therapist how you can maximize your benefit from therapy. One of our therapists (Keiko Taguchi) use a sliding fee scale and others may be open to setting a reduced rate on a time-limited basis. We will provide other resources in the community if needed and appropriate. If you are a student, speaking with a counselor at your school/university can be another option.

Q9. What should I expect for my first appointment at TIP Futako-Tamagawa?

The first session will typically involve an intake assessment where the therapist will ask you about your presenting concerns and history, and your expectations for therapy. Based on the information collected your therapist will make recommendations for the best course of treatment (e.g., frequency, therapeutic approach) and work with you to develop a preliminary treatment plan. Please note that an intake assessment may take up to 2-3 sessions.

Q10. How and when do I pay for my session?

Payment of your session fee is expected to be settled with your therapist at the end of each session. Payment options may differ for each therapist and may include cash, bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. 

Q11. I am already receiving care from a psychiatrist on my presenting issues but would also like to start counseling at TIP. Will my therapist contact my doctor?

Whenever possible, we aim to establish a team approach in providing care to our clients. Hence upon receiving written permission from you, the therapist may contact your psychiatrist or any other professionals involved in your care to ensure collaborative support. Please discuss this further with your therapist.

Q12. My child was referred to TIP by their school. Will information about my child’s therapy be shared with the school?

Upon obtaining your written permission to do so, we will contact the school to collaborate on your child’s care. Your child’s therapist will discuss with you how the communication with the school may be set up to best support your child.

Q13. Will I get briefed on what my child shares with the therapist in session?

In working with children and adolescents, we make every effort to involve the caretakers to work as a team in supporting the young person through their struggles. However, to ensure the young person’s privacy and to secure and maintain a trusting relationship in therapy, we will not provide detailed information regarding what they shared individually with therapists unless they agree or exceptions regarding safety and child protection concerns. We will provide general themes, ideas, and recommendations as well as support and encouragement to caretakers.

Q14. Are there space to park my car and/or bicycle in the office compound?

There are no parking spaces in the compound, hence please use the nearby public parking.

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