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Fees & Payments

Our standard session fee is 11,000 yen per 50-minute session. Fees may be set at a slightly higher rate (up to 13,200 yen) depending on your income level.

Service Fee Rates:

  • 50 min. session / 11,000 -13,200 yen (Tax included)

  • 75 min. session / 16,500 - 19,800 yen (Tax included)

  • Report writing, school observation, consultation, collateral contact, etc. / 2,200 yen (Tax included) per 15 min. service time  

Please note that our services are not covered by Japanese national health insurance. For those covered by International private insurance plans, please contact your provider for your benefits.  

Our Service Fees:
Payment Method:

Service fees are expected to be settled at the end of each therapy session. Payments are accepted in cash, credit card or bank transfer.  

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